Monday, March 29, 2010

Have you been wondering...where I've been?

I know some of my faithful blog readers have been wondering where I've been. I'm checking in to tell you that I'm still here and I'll be coming back to the blog soon with many new and exciting things to share.

2010 has started off with a bang! I've been busier than ever which was an unepexted surprise. I just love working with all of my amazing families and I can't thank you enought for your business. In addition to editing your pics, desigining your walls and gallary frames and desigining your announcements I'm finalizing a new blog which will be published soon (first post will feature all of my amazing newborns and toddlers I've done so far this year).

As I type this blogpost (from my bb) I'm currently revitialzing my photography mojo in St. Michael's Maryland witha groups of 60 momtogs like myself. Its only day 2 of 4 and I just can't wait to get home and unleash my inspiration.

Please bear with me as I put the finishing touches on the new and improved blog. I am taking appointments but I am booked out until May so start booking those Spring and Summer sessions now.

Happy Spring!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Custom Framing ( North New Jersey and New York Family Portrait Photographer )

I am so excited to announce that I am now offering custom framing! Please take a look at some of the samples below and contact me for more information and pricing. Together we will create custom frames that compliment your cherished images!

Friday, January 29, 2010

January at Wyckoff Wildlife Center (NJ New Jersey Children and Family Photographer)

I was thrilled to wake up this January morning and find that the January weather was mild and perfect for an outdoor photo session. We changed our plans (originally planning on an indoor session at their home) and the H family took a little drive up to Wyckoff and met me at one my favorite locations - The Wildlife Center!

Check out the big bright blue eyes on the little one. They just glimmer. And I just love the photo of the little mountain man and his hiking stick. He found that on his own. . . what a perfect moment to capture.

It was a pleasure working with the H family - I hope you enjoy your sneak peek - More to come soon!

Pink Ruffe Butts (West Caldwell NJ Photography and North New Jersey Children and Newbron Photographer)

Pink Ruffle Butts may be my new favorite item for little girls big and small. I tell all my moms that less is more when photographing little ones. Diaper covers, hats and headbands are all you need to dress up these little ones. The mom of these two adorable gals found PINK RUFFLE diaper covers which were perfect for our photo session. What a find!! We added some hats and baby legs for a little variety and the photos came out perfect! Check out the photos of these two adorable sisters. Baby was a perfect little model - she was pretty happy during most of these session. Big sister who is 13 months old and on the move - also was happy to strike a few cute poses for us with the help of my magic bell :-)

Thanks Mom for inviting me to photograph these two sweeties. Also thanks to grandma for lending a helping hand during the session. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What to Wear ( New Jersey North New Jersey Children and Kids Photographer ) - Kelly's Kids Rep

I am so excited to announce that I am now an affiliate for Kelly's Kids which offers Spring/Fall Clothing Lines that are just PERFECT for photo sessions. As an affiliate I can offer special promotions and discounts when you order. If you are planning to order to prepare for your photo session or if you just need a an item or two for another occasion - please contact me first OR use my rep ID# 114166 at check out to get special discounts, bonuses and offers. If you don't use this code - I won't know that you ordered and therefore I won't be able to pass on the offers and savings to you.

Also - if you are interested in getting free clothes from Kelly's Kids - ask me how. It's as easy as passing out a catalog to 2 or more friends/relatives OR as fun as hosting a party over cocktails!

Email me at for more information!

Can't wait to photograph all your little ones in these new digs!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Much Needed Vacation ( NJ New Jersey Kids Children's Portrait Photographer )

Happy New Year Everyone (a bit late). I intended to post something New Years day -but after an extremely busy holiday season of picture taking - I am only catching my breathe now. I am spending this snowy winter week up at my family's cabin with my two boys and taking some time a way from picture taking and editing - BUT of course I can't miss a few opportunities to capture some moments of the boys playing in the snow. The above photo is my 2 year old son Charlie. All he wants to do is ride snowmobiles or have me pull him in the sled. I prefer the snowmobiles :-)

In the next couple days I'll be posting some information about the new "quote" books that I am offering. I am working on one as we speak for Valentine's Day. I can't wait to finish it!

Ok - off to make some snowballs!


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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Picture Perfect! ( New Jersey NJ Family Portrait Photographer )

Last week I had the pleasure of photogaphing the the nicest family in Haworth NJ. When I arrived I met 15 adults and children and two pups and we really had a fun time during the session! When I spoke with the organizer of the session (who get's a bign kudos from me for organizing this group) - we decided that we wanted to try to make the session as whimisical and fun as possible within the contrainsts of photographing with no natural light and a big group in a house. As I thought what to do - I decided to bring some pictures frames to use as props - and I really love how they turned out. You'll be seeing this more in my work I'm sure.

It also helps that every single person in this family was gorgeous! Grandma was not only gorgeous but very spunky. The little boys were full of energy and used my backdrop as a wrestling arena (so fun to watch). The 4 teenage girls took a picture in the same exact pose and order that did many years ago - these 4 gals are just stunning as young adults. We took all sorts of pictures, boys shots, gals shots, couples shots, family shots. We got a lot of photos in a very short amount of time thanks to the organization of these folks.

I really enjoyed meeting you all - and I hope you enjoy your photos.